Point of Sale

The easiest P.O.S that you can come across. Set it up in minutes.
Start selling in seconds!

It’s compatible on all devices. It’s easy to work on all parts of the bnody system relevant to the planning and managing of an organizations resources and inventory. The setup is quite easy from the get go and it is very fluent and easy to use.

Point of Sale Features

Automation of enterprise operation with Bnody ERP adds value in terms of improving results. It is a reliable ERP software solution of web based applications.

Smart Interface

Our P.O.S system has been fitted with a smart interface which makes it very easy and fluent to use by any organization because of its flexibility and versatility. You can easily customize the interface with all the settings and tools that you want. The details in the interface will be reflected in the inventory management system of the organization as it is easily accessible. The information gets automatically updated and changed accordingly.

VAT Compatible Bills

The design has been custom made and tailored to fit every specific users needs from the logo to the website and the tax number. Templates are constructed to custom fit certain details provided by the user that can be translated in to different languages for different or specific uses. The bill can be printed out, saved in pdf and shared through email as well. All actions are at your finger tips and are super easy to use.

Linking The Inventory

Our sophisticated point of sales system allows us to enter any transaction in to the inventory system using the interface. You can easily know the available inventory and manage it easily with great efficiency. When dealing with more than one inventory you no longer have to setup the system separately for each inventory separately as you can manage all the inventory from one interface easily.


Searching For A Product Or Customer

Our smart system allows you to easily search for a certain product using the search bar that filters out your search in a heartbeat and you can also search for a specific customer quickly using his or hers name or contact information.

It Even Works Offline

The point of sales system will keep working even if your offline. You will need an internet connection only in the case of setting up a new point of sales. So if your internet connection shuts off for some reason you can still continue to work on your point of sales system without a hint of concern for your data.

Barcode Reader

Our P.O.S system works very fluently with all kinds of barcode readers including Bluetooth or Wi-fi based readers.

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