Accounting and Sales System

Our cloud based e commerce system has been designed for small to medium level companies. Our accounting system and all its specifications were designed to be as easy and fluent with your business model as it possibly can. The bnody resource planning module has been designed to be completely compatible with VAT. Our accounting software allows you to send receipts, solve and balance different banking related transactions, Managing expenses, Tracking the inventory and making all relevant cognitive reports easily.


Account and Sale Features

Automation of enterprise operation with Bnody ERP adds value in terms of improving results. It is a reliable ERP software solution of web based applications

Receipt Posting

The bnody system makes issuing receipts a very natural and easy task. You can customize your receipts with your own organizations information and logo using the bnody interface. And you can also utilize our ready templates in the system for reference if you do not feel like building something from scratch.

Setting Up Your Reports

The reports can easily show your organizations status by issuing you different kinds of reports such as a profit or loss statement or your balance sheet reports. You can create professional reports easily using the bnody system without any prior experience.


You can add your products and categorize them as you wish with detailed descriptions such as names, photos and available quantity and you can also track your inventory and manage it with ease using the bnody system. Then you are just a click away from adding them to your receipt. It is that easy.

Setting Up Your Taxes

You can calculate and setup your VAT quickly without facing any obstacles at all using the bnody system. Our sophisticated tools allow you to calculate the rate of your VAT on all your bills. Our system is completely compatible with the VAT used by the organizations in the kingdom.

A 100% Cloud System

The bnody system is cloud system completely and there is no need to install any software on any of your local devices and the system gets updated automatically without any need for any manual setup. All you have to do is turn your device on and login!.

Data Security

The bnody system provides the highest levels of data and account security thanks to our sophisticated security protocols and our complex encryption system that protects your data. You can enter, save and manage your data without a worry in the world.

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