Book Keeping

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The easiest P.O.S that you can come across. Set it up in minutes. Start selling in seconds!
It’s compatible on all devices. It’s easy to work on all parts of the bnody system relevant to the planning and managing of an organizations resources and inventory. The setup is quite easy from the get go and it is very fluent and easy to use.

Devoted bookkeepers

They are professionals in finance and procurement. Your virtual bookkeeping team imports purchases-sales transactions, classifies and labels finance transactions, and makes inventory and financial statements every month.

Online bookkeepers

Get an advantage of an expert bookkeeper at affordable price, and great procurement and financial reporting software with zero learning curve.

Bookkeeping Service

With up to date bookkeeping from your virtual bookkeeping team, submitting proof of your expenses, incomings and outgoings takes minutes (not hours). Whatever challenges come in your business, we are right there with you.

Introducing Set Up

We will first introduce you to a committed bookkeeper. They will learn about your business, demonstrate how Bench works, and collect all the information they need from you.

We Do Your Bookkeeping

Each month, your bookkeeper imports your business transactions and gets to work on your books. If they need anything from you, they’ll get in touch.

Provide Instinctive Financial Reports

You can easily track your business health without difficulty with real-time and monthly financial and stock reporting. At tax time, we send everything you need to file or report.

Get Support Whenever You Need

Bnody ERP provides you a committed and enthusiastic bookkeeper supported and maintained by a team of in-house specialists. They’re here to take monotonous, tiresome financial and procurement admin and bookkeeping pressure and stress off your plate for good.

Important Data

The Bnody ERP online software provides weekly, monthly financial, procurement reports and expense outlines to help you control your money. Visual reports assist you to see the clear picture and give you proper understandings to help you develop your business straight away. You’ll never be unaware of your business again.

Remain Alert With Your Business Finances

Bring everything organized and composed with the Bnody ERP platform. Get a direct line to your bookkeeper and quick access to vital business information. On your desktop or mobile, expert support and important insights are just a few taps, swipes or clicks away.

Online Accountants and Procurement Experts for small business

Greatest Online Bookkeeping Services

We are dedicated to provide the best online bookkeeping services for small-business owners. You’re definitely going to adore your new team. Our virtual finance and procurement services make you stress free from your Finance and procurement problems and provide you full support to help you control your finances and stock. Here are some qualities that make our services prominent:
To support your business, you’ll get a certified online bookkeeper or virtual accountant or procurement expert. Online software also makes it simple to track bookkeeper tasks, chat directly, and download reports.
Most of our bookkeeping team is located at our headquarters. We do not re-outsource bookkeeping management services to other companies. Your team is easily available, and trained to support you.
All of your invoicing and customer dealings can be managed by your online bookkeeper so that you get paid on time for your work. We provide exceptional customer service and reduce your cash cycle.
We organize and record the bills in preparation for a payment run. Your virtual bookkeeper can then process payments to your vendors, making your life and cash flow simple to manage.

Online Bookkeeping?

Online bookkeeping is almost same as old-fashioned bookkeeping. It’s the method of keeping and maintaining your financial records. With our online finance and procurement services, all of this work can be done in one virtual location, which makes it more convenient and allow you to take benefit of expertise not found where your business is.

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