We believe that managing your human resources is one of the key functions to constantly innovate your business as it is most responsible for the supervision and leadership of an organization and its culture. And that consists of setting designations, Performance ranking, Development, Setting allowances , Salaries and so on. And the bnody system has been based accordingly to cover all the needs of such an organization from the automation of information to the extraction of immaculate reports according to the requirements at the time.


The most prominent advantages of the HR system

Employee Affairs Report

Helps in issuing detailed reports regarding any employee or group of employees that are recorded in the system and performing any changes to the information as required.

Linking With General Accounts

The H.R system allows you to link the payroll and the relevant expenses to the general accounts, Treasury, Closing lists, Cost centers and the distribution of funds on different projects and lines of work.

Assorted Records

Our system allows you to issue different kinds of reports and records that greatly help in the fluency of the work flow and allows you to share the reports with those of higher clearance as per required with the pertinent information concerning the labor force in the organization.

Deductions And Absentees

The H.R system allows you to detail out the payroll using their complex generators and sort out the deductions that are applicable on the employee such as insurances, debts, absentees and compensations as well as a partial and installments payment plans for the employees.

Employee Information

The H.R system allows you to record all the important information of an employee along with uploading all of his important documents as well as categorizing and separating the employees according to their departments and respective designations. The information can be looked quickly.

Managing Custodies

The management and upkeep of the custodies given to the employees is a crucial part of the company processes as it helps in managing and caring for the company assets. The system allows you to keep records of the assets and the employees to whom the assets are issued so that we can value, depreciate and manage our assets inventory effectively and efficiently.

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